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Future Lines - rockittothemoon (2009)

Strange and cool at the same time, Future Lines, norwegians Sleepyard's fourth album, is the ideal material to reach some kind of sweet meditative and serene torpor. The perfect spliff in a way.

Aerial drones, psychedelic suggestions and inspired melodies overlay on each over along those 12 tracks often leading to daydreaming. Voices are generally subtle - only Saturation and Bionic Exercice (wonderful ditty between mantra and pop song) are really sung - and join the music with delicacy forming etheric choirs close to things the Beach Boys could do. Even the "cover up" bass à la Brian Wilson can be heard at some point (Roll the Dice). But beyond the influences, Future Lines gives a real impression of unusual and free inspiration. The simple beauty of One Pristine Morning with those bird sounds, those incredible piano notes and those tactful and precise arrangements is probably the best example.

Sonic Boom's involvement to this album is not surprising and should attract the attention of the ones who loved Spectrum's Highs, Lows and Heavenly Blows. The atmosphere and the general feeling are alike. Cool and floating.

A pure diamond that smells weed.